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About Us & What We Do

We are a collective of businesses and social entrepreneurs that provide invincible products and services.
Our goal is to go beyond the need of the client to identify and create lasting results.

Systems & Product Design & Development

From websites and mobile apps, to schools of the future and community functions, we design and build; either hands on, or by selecting and working with the best hand-picked experts in the world.

Public Relations & Marketing

Understanding your audience and making strategic connections is a gateway to stronger relationships and communities internally and externally. We develop relationships and guide public outreach.

Innovation Management

It is innovation that drives development in any market, but what’s more important is a clear direction. We seek to discover, manage and develop/polish structures that encourage company wide innovation.

Blockchain Tech. Consulting

We’re passionate about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. For that reason, we keep our doors open to those who want to learn more for personal, and/or business development reasons.

Our Skills, Talents &


What more can you expect from a collection of trail blazers. Our range of skill-sets and abilities are not quantifiable, so we like to identify with being invincible in every project we involve ourselves in. Here are a few.

Web Development 0
Product Design 0
PR & Marketing 0

What Our Clients Said

True satisfaction comes from knowing that we helped make a difference.

"Outstanding results!"

For 5+ years BrandSync has partnered with Alicia and her firm with outstanding results, especially in working with socially responsible enterprises. She is able to develop and implement novel approaches to building brands and connecting with customers. Her firm has a great command of creative development and media strategies for public relations and strategic communications campaigns. I highly recommend her as both a congenial colleague and innovative marketing professional.

Rob Martin President at BrandSync Benefit Corporation

"Great Experience"

The service was fast and they delivered exactly what I was looking for. Working with Invincive Labs has been a great exprience and I look forward to doing business with them again.

Kay Hamlin CEO at Sustainable Food Solutions Inc.

"Ready for the next level."

I have worked with Alicia and Darryl on several projects (including website and app development) and have found them to be dependable, professional, and very knowledgeable. They worked with us on our competition pitch deck, in which we won first place, even supporting us throughout an accelerator program. Every meeting is exciting and always leaves us feeling encouraged and ready for the next level. I have been extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of their work, as well as their competitive pricing.

Dr. Michell Pope CEO at Research Unlimited

"Truly value their work."

I first met members of Invincive Labs a few years ago when revitalizing my company, SJT Global Arts Initiative. From the beginning, they helped with everything from branding and photography, to building my site in exchange for banking my time through training graffiti artists to become muralist, and also helped plan and host a major mural unveiling event. I honestly can’t thank them enough for their support and truly value their work.

Sir James L. Thornhill Lead Artist at SJT Global Arts Initiative

"Saving the day!"

When I met Alicia, I was facing a killer deadline where my startup was in a do or die situation. She and her team took charge, and in no time had all the deliverables & submissions completed ahead of time, saving the day! I can't recommend them enough, continue to highly value their opinion, and boundless optimism .

Rich Dilworth CEO at Golf Everywhere

"Nobody does it better!"

I have had the best experiences working with both Alicia and Darryl. They have the unique ability to transform your "great" idea into something greater. They are creative and they "breathe" fresh ideas. They should come with a warning label that reads: "Their energy is contagious and coming in contact with Alicia and Darryl has a tendency to make you want to work for your company 24/7". Nobody does it better!

Benita Johnson Sommelier at The Vine Wine Club

Our Process

Our approach consists of getting in there and seeing what works, adding to that and/or making what works better.


To gain a better understanding of your product(s)/service(s) we do our research, even consulting with experts in your field while utilizing relevant tools to enhance our comprehension.


Ideation allows us to create a variety of ideas to ensure there's very little, if any, stones left unturned, ultimately identifying one or many possible solutions.


We further develop the best ideas through designing, creating and testing each prototype to ensure the best possible outcome.


The refining process allows us to reiterate and retest our prototype, leading us to a beautiful end-result.

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 Our map of reality is ever expanding. We’re always finding or developing new and more effective concepts that help create a better and more cool world, and we’d love to share them with you.

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